Why WordPress is Best for SEO

Gone are the days when WordPress was another alternate blogging platform. The WordPress is now a name synonymous with CMS and blogging. It is not only the largest one used by the websites but also grabs big-wig websites like that of NASA, Forbes, CNN, TechCrunch, and eBay. The list does not end here and it is exhausting. It is a world-known fact that WP is the best but we are exploring it here as the best platform for SEO.


If you are someone already using WordPress, you are already aware of its power. It would be much easier for you to know why WordPress is the best. It is not that there are no other alternatives. In fact, there are many including Drupal, Joomla, and Wix. But the main drill is WordPress is just outstanding for SEO.


Top Reasons Why WordPress Website is Most Suitable for SEO

If you think from the perspective of an online marketer, here are the top reasons why WordPress websites are good.


  1. Create your Website At Once

Creating a website was earlier a tedious process when there was no good CMS available. Even if you find it, it was too difficult to operate. With WordPress around, making a website is a fun. Installing and configuring it just takes few minutes.


  1. WordPress is an Open Source Platform

WordPress is open source and free. This makes it a powerful platform. Anyone can download and create themes and add plugin instantly. There are many SOE-friendly WP themes available. While it is open source, it is extremely customizable.


  1. High Number of SEO Functionalities

If you need your website to perform certain SEO functions, no worries. WordPress website is capable of providing hundreds of functions that will help to enhance the SEO of your website. Its SEO functionalities are designed as per the best Google practices.


  1. Makes SEO Simple

You might definitely think that SOE is a vast subject and should not be relying only on the kind of platform. Very true! But yet again, it is so simple to handle complex activities on a WP CMS. It is a breeze to manage on-page SEO with WordPress. Even a non-technical operator can also make the blogs SEO-friendly without any know-how of coding.


  1. Mobile-Friendly

Google has already given clear indications that websites should be mobile optimized and tablet optimized. But WordPress users don’t have to worry as it is super simple to install the plugin and update the website to comply with the mobile-friendly site standards of Google. The free and paid themes have in-built features to make the websites responsive.


Likewise, users can install various plugins and update or customize the website as per their need. Out of the vast treasure of the rich plugins, major ones are free. There is also a plugin that allows us to enhance and optimize our website in terms of technical factors too.


In a nutshell, WordPress is tremendously controlling the realm of the website development. And needless to say, it is indeed the best platform for the developers as well SEOs.